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Speed. Speed. I am speed.

Well, it looks like my ZX-6E is on her way to that great junkyard in the sky. By a rough estimate, it's going to take almost $1000 of parts and some pretty extensive labor to getting her back to normal running condition. No (severe) accidents, just old and I'm looking to upgrade- the preferred bike at my local Wednesday meetup during riding season is either a GSX-R1000 or R1. I'd rather have a 750 for the lower insurance and getting to ride it harder. By my own admission, I've gotten overly confident from the past couple of years since I've been mostly slabbing it and haven't spent as much time as I should have on cornering.

That being said, I'm hell-bent on a GSX-R750 for my next bike. '98 or newer, since I currently live in Illinois and will probably be relocating to Denver. Between the cold weather, temperature fluctuations, and the altitude, I don't wanna screw around with carbs.

How has everybody found their Gixxer in terms of reliability? I ride 8-9K a year, so it's gonna see a fairly hefty amount of use. Are there any things in particular I should watch for (aside from the normal stuff you'd check a used bike for)? I'm talking about mostly inherent problems, sorta like how the ZX-6E's and YZF600's were prone to shitting their second gear.
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