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Tuesday, June 30th, 2009
6:59 pm

Actually, for a blue and white GSX-R, I think I'm overdressed in this photo*. :P

It's a '98 GSX-R750, which was the first year of fuel injection. Big thanks to normalcyispasse for this sweet find and for getting it roadworthy first.

Wait, says the audience, Doesn't Brandon live in Arizona?

Yes. Yes he does. Which is where I've been. As well as the Four Corners, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, and the western half of Illinois for the past three days. We haven't logged the exact mileage yet, but it's somewhere in the neighborhood of 2000 miles. My friend Shane and I met up in Phoenix and spent the past three days riding back to Illinois.

Additional thanks to jhohanna for her hospitality in Denver.

More about the bike and the trip later- I'll update as soon as I've got all the pictures- Shane has a bunch that he also needs to upload. I just got in a few minutes ago. I'm pretty sure I'll be working standing up for the next two days. Note to self: invest in a gel seat.
Further note to self: Padded cycling shorts = EPIC FAIL.

*NO, I don't ride like that- it was 104F in the shade- I wasn't standing around in my gear any longer than I had to.

Current Mood: working
Friday, March 20th, 2009
9:01 pm
Hey, new here. Got a '99 Gixxer with almost 89K on the clock. Original engine. Biggest expense to date was the rear wire harness. My bad. Didn't think to clean all the terminals after every rainy season (he tried to catch on fire in the driveway). Was gonna sell, but can't. Decided to put at least 108K on the bike so I can say I rode 100,000 of those miles myself. Never thought a bike other than my CBR Hurricane that did 90K before I sold him would capture me like this. LOVE my Gixxer!
Friday, January 30th, 2009
8:20 pm
Speed. Speed. I am speed.
Well, it looks like my ZX-6E is on her way to that great junkyard in the sky. By a rough estimate, it's going to take almost $1000 of parts and some pretty extensive labor to getting her back to normal running condition. No (severe) accidents, just old and I'm looking to upgrade- the preferred bike at my local Wednesday meetup during riding season is either a GSX-R1000 or R1. I'd rather have a 750 for the lower insurance and getting to ride it harder. By my own admission, I've gotten overly confident from the past couple of years since I've been mostly slabbing it and haven't spent as much time as I should have on cornering.

That being said, I'm hell-bent on a GSX-R750 for my next bike. '98 or newer, since I currently live in Illinois and will probably be relocating to Denver. Between the cold weather, temperature fluctuations, and the altitude, I don't wanna screw around with carbs.

How has everybody found their Gixxer in terms of reliability? I ride 8-9K a year, so it's gonna see a fairly hefty amount of use. Are there any things in particular I should watch for (aside from the normal stuff you'd check a used bike for)? I'm talking about mostly inherent problems, sorta like how the ZX-6E's and YZF600's were prone to shitting their second gear.

Current Mood: devious
Tuesday, September 4th, 2007
9:54 am
This is mine! My dream GSXR 1992 7-11
This is my baby, she's a 1992 GSXR 750 with a the following modificaions;

1216 big bore motor (150 HP/ 100 FP of Torque)
flatslide carbs
Yoshimura CDI race box
Precision Machine wheels
Stainless braided brake housing
Fox 3 way adjustable rear shock
1994 Showa forks (considered by many equal to Ohlins forks, they were a limited production which only came on certain 1994 GSXRs)
Yoshimura billet tripples
Brembo master cylinders
Brembo rotors
Yoshimura rearsets
Yoshimura limited production braced swingarm
Yoshimra race exaust (soon to be refinished)
Ohlins steering damper
Billet engine case covers
and a long list of other little doo dads...

Stuff to be put on over the winter;
Billet Streetfighter gas cap
Stainless steel braided oil cooler lines
Aftermarket radiator
Corse Diablo tires
Stainless bolt kit

In the following year I plan on getting a Airtech body kit for it and do a glossy black paint scheme on it.

Current Mood: ecstatic
Sunday, September 2nd, 2007
1:20 am
1988 1100 GSXR Streetfighter
Saturday, September 1st, 2007
1:23 am
Tyco Suzuki GSX-1000
You know a motorcycle rocks when someone makes a remote control version of it...

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